South GA PC Doctors, Inc. stocks a wide variety of PC items, both new, and refurbished.  We will always consider trade-ins, or direct purchases of equipment from customers, and also offer easy layaway options for purchases.  We can also provide financing on larger purchases if necessary.

Firm believers in the power of bargaining, we always strive to keep costs down, and lead times as short as possible.

We are also of the belief that 'new' is not always the best option.  Most modern PC's have more power and speed that most users will ever utilize.  Why pay for something that's not going to be of benefit?


We stock refurbished LAPTOPS, DESKTOPS, and LCD Monitors, starting as low as $99.00.  Warranty on all systems is 90 days on parts, 1 year on labor.  We do not warrant laptop batteries other than to warrant they 'will' take and hold a charge at the time of sale.


We exclusively sell factory refurbished printers from a variety of vendors - these printers come with a full one-year warranty, the same as new, and are 100% certified by the factory.  These printers have ZERO defects, and the manufacture warranty reflects that condition.  Typically not in retail boxes, but they're as good as new, and with a significantly lower price!

Note:  Due to the huge variety, we do 'not' stock printer ink cartridges, or laser toner.


We stock a variety of NEW items including wired and wireless mice and keyboards, power supplies for desktops and laptops, speakers, video cards, wireless and wired networking equipment, flash drives, and just about any kind of interface wire/cord you can imagine.  If we don't have it, we'd be happy to order it for you!

We also stock AC adaptors for most laptops for the low price of $42.00.  A comparable adaptor from the manufacturer is typically over $100.   These adaptors come with a full one-year replacement warranty, and meet or exceed manufacturer specifications.

We also stock a huge variety of USED items.  Generally, we like to keep these on hands for repairs, but having used parts allows us to work with customers on a budget to keep costs down.  Used parts generally carry a 60 day warranty -  your invoice will give details on warranty on such items.