All computers can experience issues from time to time.  Taking the proper steps during evaluation is critical to the sucess of any service.  It takes years of experience to understand a) what is wrong, b) why it failed, and c) what it takes to repair it.  We have the technical expertise to complete most any job that's brought in for repair.


Common problems we solve include:

 - VIrus and Malware issues
 - Performance issues
 - Clearing lost passwords
 - System upgrades
 - Operating system upgrades

Our standard pricing for services include:

Basic System Cleanup:    $65.00

 - Is your computer running slower than what it used to?  Chances are, it needs a good cleaning, and we're not talking about dust bunnies!  It's common practice for vendors to install a variety of software packages on your computer - if you're not reading every message that comes up, and understanding the context of those messages, there's a good chance your system has been infested by a variety of software packages.   While these packages generally are not intended to harm your system, they do tend to clog things up, and slowdowns will occur.  Our standard system cleanup includes removal of all unnecessary toolbars, data miners, and background utilities that are causing these slowdowns.  If we find any viruses lurking about, or malware, we'll remove these during the cleanup process.   Your PC will be returned to you running at its full potential.

Severe Virus / Rootkit Removal:   $90.00 and up

- If you're system has a serious virus infection, chances are pretty good you know about it.  The worst viruses will cause your system to completely be locked out of normal day to day functions, typically asking that you follow specific instructions to remove the virus, only to find out that they're insisting that you pay a fee to get your system back to normal.   Beware of these traps - paying their fee will only insure that your pocketbook is lighter - the virus will remain.  Our service removes these types of viruses from your system.  Please Note:  Some infections are so severe that the only solution is a comlete re-installation of Windows - this should ONLY be a last resort as we will only be able to reinstall software packages that YOU provide.  Any software you purchased and installed where you do not have the installation media we cannot install for you.

Re-Installation of Windows:  $65.00

In many instances, it may be beneficial to take your system back to the original, factory-delivered state.  For example, you were given the PC by someone, and you'd like to make the system 'like-new' again.  This insures that no viruses and/or malware are present, and removes all 'old' data from previous users.  Please note that we can ONLY install the original Windows Operating System that was provided with the PC.  Also please note that the original COA (Certificate of Authenticity) must be on your PC, and fully legible (the COA is a small rectangular sticker that must be attached to your PC).  In some cases, and illegible COA can be circumvented by using a factory-supplied recovery processes, which may incur additional fees - we'll contact you before proceeding if that's the case.

Data Preservation:  $20.00 (plus media, if applicable)

If you'd like to do a complete re-installation of Windows, but don't want to lose data, we charge this additional fee to make a backup copy of your documents folder prior to the reinstall, and then copying it back upon completion.  Some customers would rather have this data given back on optical or flash media - for those circumstances, we'll contact you with a firm price for the media before proceeding.  If you have data in places other than the standard Windows documents folder, please let us know in advance!  Some items that we do NOT preserve are:  Email data and settings (online email will not be lost), and installed programs.  In certain circumstances, we can provide special pricing for Outlook email configuration and data retrieval - let us know in advance.

Installation/Replacement of faulty components:

If a part is readily accessible (eg; optical drive, laptop screen), we charge a flat $10 fee for this service (plus parts of course).  If our fee exceeds our standard $10 price, we will contact you with a firm quote before proceeding.

All other services are billed at our standard rate of $40 per hour.  We will ALWAYS contact you with a firm quotation before proceeding with any work, unless you agree up-front to a specific price.  All of our customers will be given a written receipt for components left for service.

If you agree to a service, we will contact you upon completion.  From the day of completion, we will only hold your equipment for a period of 30 days, unless you make arrangements otherwise with us.  We're always happy to work with our customers, but we're not a warehouse either.  We reserve the right to dispose of property left in our store beyond 30 days.  Prior to doing so, we will make every effort to contact our customers by phone.

NOTE:  We are NOT responsible for your data!  In the normal course of doing business, we strive to insure that no data loss will ever occur, however it is your responsibility to insure that all critical data is backed up prior to dropping off your PC for service at our shop.