Virtually every data storage device has the potential for failure - in an instant, critical data, family photos, etc. all can be lost.  Here at South GA PC Doctors, Inc., we have the right equipment, and the right expertise to recover from many failures.  Hard drives, flash data, memory cards, and optical media - we have the tools to get your data recovered.

Data failures occur from one of two means, physical failure, and logical failure.  Physical failure implies that something occurred to damage the media on which the data is stored, logical failure is a mode in which a component (for example, the logic board on a hard drive) has failed, and is preventing access to the data.  In many instances, physical failure of a hard drive may require disassembly in a Class 100 Clean Room environment - as a full-service recovery center, we can offer virtually all services to our customers.

Physical failure is by far the most difficult to recover from.  Any areas on the storage media that has been damaged means that the data stored in that particular area is lost forever.  When physical failure is detected by your PC's operating system, generally ALL data on the drive is locked out.  With our specialized hardware and software, we can recover the balance of data on all of the 'undamaged' media.  Generally physical damage is limited to a very small percentage of all of the data.  As an example, let's say you've got 1100 photos on a drive that has media failure - wouldn't you rather have 1000 of those pictures back rather than none?  Of course!

Logical failure is generally a failure caused by damage to the control circuitry that allows access to the media - for example, the controller board on a hard drive.  In almost all cases of logical failure, data recovery is possible.  In some cases, a matching 'donor' drive may be required.

Another common issue is locked hard drives due to lost passwords - for most drive types, our specialized equipment is able to remove the password allowing full access to the drive once again.



Once we've received the damaged storage device, we can give a firm estimate as to the extent of any damage, and the total cost to perform data recovery.

Unlike many data recovery shops that charge huge fees, we believe that the fee should be a direct reflection of the difficulty and time required to recover.   We would much rather concentrate on files that you specifically need, rather than just strive for 100% recovery.   This saves considerable amount of costs to you.  Many of our data recovery operations are performed for under $100 - compare that to most shops in the U.S., and you'll understand what a bargain we offer.

Please be aware - the more a damaged device is kept powered on, the more likely it is that additional damage is being done.   We strongly recommend that in all cases, if you have a failed drive, that you remove it from your system and get it to us asap.

Specific types of recovery that we offer include:

 - IDE Hard Drives
 - SATA Hard Drives
 - SCSI Hard Drives
 - SAS Hard Drives
 - Flash storage devices
 - Memory cards (eg, camera memory sticks)
 - Optical media

Upon completion of data recovery, your data can be returned to  you in on a variety of media choices - we'll discuss this and provide firm pricing once we've had the chance to evaluate your storage device.