Having an issue with your gaming system?  Is it shutting down randomly, or just not even powering up?

Regardless, there's a solution available.   Most gaming system issues can be traced to one of these three problem areas:

    - Overheating
    - Optical drive failure
    - Storage media failure

Each of these issues can be addressed and repaired in most cases.  We address overheating issues via a process known as 'reflowing' - when the circuit board that operates your gaming system becomes too hot, the main processor(s) may partially detach from the board.  Using the appropriate reflow equipment, we can repair these types of issues.   This type of repair is typically under $100, and comes with a 60 day warranty on workmanship.

When the optical drive fails, it's not a simple matter of replacing it with another drive.  The optical drives used in gaming systems are NOT the same as the drives used in computers.   These drives are specialized, and in most cases, the replacement drive type must exactly match the existing drive type.  Replacement drive costs vary widely, but a typical repair is under $150, and comes with a 90 day warranty on workmanship and parts.

Failure of the storage media is by far the simplest to repair.  Pricing will depend heavily on the media type, but a typical repair will be under $120.  Warranty on labor for this type of repair is 1 year, warranty on the replacement part will vary, and be included on any repair estimates.

These are the primary failure areas, however we can repair most any type of damage to a gaming system - as with our other services;