South GA PC Doctors, Inc. is also a full-service LCD/LED television repair specialist.

Modern flat panel televisions are built much like LCD monitors - they can include a power board, tuner board, logic board, and a control board.  In some systems, boards are combined, in some systems, multiple power boards are present.

As long as the screen itself is not damaged, your television can generally be repaired for hundreds of dollars less than replacement - it only makes sense to fix rather than replace.  Broken LCD panels larger than 24" are generally not worth fixing from a financial point of view.  The large panels are fragile, and generally require special shipping and handling, driving the costs beyond the cost of a replacement tv.  That said, we've had a number of sets brought in where the customer 'thought' the panel was cracked, when in fact it was a backlight issue, which 'can' be repaired in most cases.

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With no cost for estimates, it makes sense to take advantage of our service.

Most television repairs average right around $150, but we've repaired quite a few for under $100, it just depends on what we find wrong, and the availability of replacement parts if the damaged board cannot be rebuilt.  We have access to a huge database of new and refurbished replacement parts for all major models of televisions.

All of our workmanship comes with a 90 day warranty, unless we've agreed explicitly in writing otherwise.